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Powering the world’s best mobile marketing
teams to take programmatic in-house

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Enterprise level advertising software that delivers
performance, transparency and control for marketers

Engineered for Performance

Make every dollar you spend on advertising count. Our solution is designed to deliver performance through continuous learning and improvement.

Unconditional Transparency

Data drives smarter decisions. This is why we provide you with the most granular access possible – from log level data to full cost transparency.

Ultimate Control

The best advertising results are achieved through continuous improvement. And it all starts with taking control.




Kayzen is a modular Platform
designed for sophisticated mobile marketers
to run programmatic in-house

Built for in-housing

For the needs of sophisticated mobile marketers with UI & API access to all features.

Audience Management & Segmentation

Slice & dice your audience to the most granular level based on raw data signals.

Performance Optimization

Algorithms to optimize for every step in the funnel: CPM, CPC and CPI/A targets.

Multiple Ad formats

Support for Video, Banner, Native, Playables and other interactive ad units.

Scaled Inventory Access

60 bn daily ad requests from 1 bn+ unique users worldwide without QPS limitation.

1st & 3rd Party Data Onboarding

Pre-integrated with multiple mobile measurement and data platforms.

Kayzen is engineered for App Developers, Agencies and Entrepreneurs

App Developers

Run programmatic user acquisition and retargeting in-house with the only DSP solution on the market custom-built for this purpose:

  • Dedicated customer success team to help you get started with programmatic in-house.
  • Pre-integrated with all major mobile measurement partners (MMPs) on the market.
  • Keep your proprietary data in-house.
  • Spend less money on middlemen and more on performing inventory sources.

Manage and optimize your clients' RTB campaigns with our Enterprise Solution:

  • Set user roles & rights, control margin and manage billing.
  • Pre-integrated with many data providers in the market.
  • Optimize your programmatic supply path to access the best inventory in the market.
  • Full white label solution available.

Build a differentiated business by leveraging our APIs to access mobile inventory on a global scale:

  • Plug into our infrastructure and free up time to focus on your USPs.
  • Benefit from flexible pay-as-you-go pricing without upfront costs.
  • We won't let you down with our 99.9% bidder uptime track record.
  • From entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs: we understand and support building successful businesses.

The world’s best mobile marketing teams
run programmatic in-house


„Kayzen allows us to build our in-house programmatic capabilities as well as iterate and optimize playable creatives through A/B testing, which we use to improve all of our user acquisition campaigns globally.“

Alan Frazier, Senior Conversion Manager


„The Kayzen platform provides Applift with an ability to scale our inventory and audience reach by accessing almost 1B mobile devices globally.“

Maor Sadra, CEO


„YOOSE is a location-based mobile advertising and audience platform in Europe, Middle East and Asia-Pacific. Using our user profiling engine and Kayzen’s modular stack, we were able to build a unique, differentiated offering for location focused brand advertisers.“

Christian Geissendoerfer, Founder and CEO


„App advertisers can run their acquisition and retargeting campaigns through Kayzen’s DSP while keeping their first-party data in-house.“

Allison Schiff,

We are Kayzen, we live kaizen

Kaizen (改善) is the Japanese word for "change for better" and refers to a culture of continuous improvement across all levels of an organization.

We as Kayzen – with a Y – keep this concept at our heart. We continuously improve and iterate in all areas, each and every day, to change for the better. We believe a product or service, however perfect it might seem, can always be improved further. This thought drives us to never stop asking what we can do to make our clients more successful. Because our clients' success cases are the building blocks for our success.

We are a team of more than 25 professionals in Berlin and Bangalore who are passionate about building high-scale real time technology systems to power the future of mobile marketing. We believe programmatic and mobile are the perfect ingredients to create better, more meaningful ads for everyone: users and businesses alike.

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