Truly transparent pricing.
No hidden fees. No hidden margins.

Starter Plan

$1,000 monthly

$10,000 included Monthly spend

Overage $120 per $1000 spend

Contract Duration: Monthly

Billing fee: 2.5%

Business Plan

$4,500 monthly

$50,000 included Monthly spend

Overage $1,000 per $10,000 spend

Contract Duration: Quarterly

Billing fee: 2.5%

Enterprise Plan

$15,000 monthly

$200,000 included Monthly spend

Overage $750 per $10,000 spend

Contract Duration: Annual

Billing fee: from 0%

Enterprise includes all features and services

For monthly spends significantly exceeding $200’000 on a continuous basis please contact us to learn more about our Enterprise special plans.

Features and services by plan

Starter Business Enterprise
Use Cases
Retargeting & re-engagement
User Acquisition
Creative Testing
Incrementality lift
Algorithms: Optimization
CPM (bid shading) and CPC optimization
CPI goals
CPA goals
BYOA - Bring your own algorithm
Creative Formats
Video, Image, Native
HTML (incl. Playables, DCO, Rich Media)
Advanced Audience Ingestion, Creation and Segmentation
Curated 3rd party audiences
Supply Access
Global inventory access through DCs in APAC, EMEA, US
No QPS Limitation on 22+ Exchanges (+ PMPs)
BYOS - Bring your own supply
Whitelisting & Blacklisting: Audiences, IP address, App Bundles
Device & connection type, OS, Carrier, dayparting + many more
Session Depth
Data Integrations
MMP, CDP or API ingested attributed and non-attributed events
DMP integration (3rd party data)
In-ad events tracking (e.g., playable interaction)
DCO product data (dynamic creative optimization)
Tracking & Attribution
Click- and View-through attribution
Rejected installs monitoring
Configurable Assisted install & post-install events
Data Analytics
Customizable dashboard and reports (incl API)
Log level data access
Dynamic inventory & audience prediction
Advanced inventory discovery
Admin configurations
User roles & rights management
Advanced user roles & right management
Whitelabel & advanced configurations
Service & Support
API & User Interface documentation
Initial Training Session
Chat support
Dedicated Video Call & Email Support
Ongoing Training Sessions
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"We have been working with Kayzen since early 2019 and have hence been close to their product progress. We have benchmarked it thoroughly against other managed re-targeting providers in the market and came to the conclusion that it's the most competitively priced and advanced solution for our needs."

Noga Laron, Director of Marketing

"Our partnership with Kayzen was a success right from the start. The transparency and control features allow us to focus our efforts on where the return is best. We manage to achieve better results, improve, and scale while hitting X1.5 of our ROAS goals. Kayzen helped us understand the value of in-housing programmatic buying."

Krisztina Simon, Retargeting Lead

"App advertisers can run their acquisition and retargeting campaigns through Kayzen’s DSP while keeping their first-party data in-house."

Allison Schiff, Senior Editor

"We are a mobile specialized consultancy and agency helping large apps across Europe acquire and retain users and make the right technological choices to set up a cutting-edge marketing tech stack. After having worked with desktop first RTB platforms for a while, we turned to Kayzen with the expectation that a specialist mobile focused technology would better solve the use cases of our clientele. We are happy to say that this expectation was met and look forward to grow our partnership with Kayzen."

Christian Eckhardt, CEO

"Kayzen has enabled us to build our own customized and fully whitelabeled in-house bidder. They were able to quickly realize complex use cases that required custom data pipelines, and other mobile edge cases, like our Click-to-Rappi product. Their team has always been sharp, and quick to solve the toughest problems."

Alberto Pardo, Founder & CEO

Frequently asked questions

What are the payment terms?

Kayzen’s platform fee are billed in advance on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis, depending on the tier chosen. Media spend and billing fee are billed monthly based on the actual spend after the end of each month.

What SSPs/exchanges is Kayzen integrated with?

Kayzen is integrated with all the major mobile exchanges and an increasing amount of large direct publishers. You can see the full list of exchanges here.


Which MMPs are you integrated with?

Adjust, AppsFlyer, TUNE, Kochava, Singular. You can find integration guides here. If you use another MMP partner, you can reach out to and we can discuss a custom integration.

Does Kayzen provide self-service only?

Yes, Kayzen is a self-service platform. However, we do provide an extensive onboarding process, throughout which you will be given assistance and guidance to make your experience with Kayzen successful.


Take control and in-house mobile programmatic!