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Client Testimonials

Noga Laron - Director of Marketing at PLAYSTUDIOS ISRAEL

Noga Laron

Director of Marketing, PLAYSTUDIOS (Tel-Aviv, Israel)

We have been working with Kayzen since early 2019 and have hence been close to their product progress. We have benchmarked it thoroughly against other managed re-targeting providers in the market and came to the conclusion that it's the most competitively priced and advanced solution for our needs.

Krisztina Simon - Retargeting Lead -Product Madness

Krisztina Simon

Retargeting Lead, Product Madness (London, UK)

Our partnership with Kayzen was a success right from the start. The transparency and control features allow us to focus our efforts on where the return is best. We manage to achieve better results, improve, and scale while hitting X1.5 of our ROAS goals. Kayzen helped us understand the value of in-housing programmatic buying.

Maria Perov

Maria Perov

User Acquisition Manager, PLAYSTUDIOS (Tel-Aviv, Israel)

Partnering with Kayzen helped us to grow our retargeting activity, to engage with our past and existing players and increase the retention of our game, especially among our most valuable player segments. With Kayzen’s advanced targeting abilities and in collaboration with Kayzen‘s Customer Success team, we have managed to build an accurate and meticulous segmentation of our audience and reach out to each segment with the right messages.

Tobias Borner - CMO - LOOVO

Tobias Börner

CMO, Lovoo (Berlin, Germany)

We were looking for a SaaS solution to in-house our programmatic buying to gain back control and fight ad fraud. Kayzen's product and the specialist support from their team allowed us to get the degree of performance, transparency and control we were looking for.

Srinu Chowhan - Head of Growth - Luno

Srinu Chowhan

Head of Growth, Luno (London, UK)

Kayzen has helped us scale user acquisition and retargeting campaigns within the target CPA through experimentation and machine learning. Highly recommended if you are looking for new channels outside FB/Google. Programmatic is the way to go.

Case Studies

Using Kayzen‘s incrementality in retargeting campaigns, we reached 10.5% incremental increase in user engagement with more engaging formats like interstitials delivering higher incremental engagement at 54% cheaper cost. -LOVOO-

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